Social Diffusion

Role: Innovation Director
Contribution: Project lead, Idea

Showcased during the CAWA Web3 exhibition at the Token2049 festival, Social Diffusion is an innovative research project exploring the potential of AI systems to become autonomous, socially-aware artists.

Utilizing daily news headlines as a source of inspiration, the project employs GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion image generator to create unique artworks that capture the zeitgeist. The artwork creation process is a complex interplay between multiple layers of AI, where GPT-4 selects pertinent headlines and generates text-to-image prompts, while Stable Diffusion brings the final image to life.

After their creation the artworks are minted as NFTs on OpenSea, immortalizing the AI-generated interpretations of humanity’s actions and decisions.

With ongoing research in this field, Social Diffusion aims to refine its performance and continually generate dynamic, ephemeral artworks that evolve with real-time events, forging a new path in co-creation with artificial intelligence.

The Social Diffusion digital canvas is currently on display in the We Are Social Singapore office and continues to produce new “artworks” daily. These pieces visualize global current events by interpreting artistic movements throughout human history. The ongoing collection of daily artworks is available for viewing her: