Role: Innovation Director
Contribution: Project lead, Idea

A first of its kind, employee advocacy & learning experience

In November 2021, a new agency network was born. Plus Company is a network of 25 agencies, spread across five continents. We needed to find a way to get to know each other and connect. But we also saw an opportunity to show our employees the power of Web3 in a way that was natural, engaging, and just plain fun for those who knew nothing about it.

How It Works

Phase 1

Combining Art + Tech

We designed a series of NFT artworks with 25 unique base designs, each representing one of the agencies in our network. On top of it, we built a unique employee experience that unlocked real-world perks, prizes and experiences for every employee that participated.

Phase 2

Releasing the NFTs

We invited our 3,000 marketers around the world — many of whom were interacting with blockchain for the first time — to claim their artwork by creating a Web3 wallet and minting an NFT. In creating their own NFTs, Plus Company employees around the globe learned more about Web3 and its capabilities, leaning into the unfamiliar – to fantastic results.

Phase 3

Evolving by Connecting

Employees embraced the art of connection, watching their NFTs evolve with every new connection they made. NFTs interacted with one another to create a one-off piece of art for every employee. Plus Connect is the first of its kind. It’s an employee NFT program that fosters connections, collaborations, and let’s be honest – it’s beautifully cool.


Each NFT is like a snowflake – stunningly unique. An astounding 23,000 connections contributed to evolving each of the plusconnect NFTs into individual pieces of art for each employee. Did we mention that we got 19% higher employee engagement than the global benchmark?


There was more at stake than just perks and prizes. There were bragging rights too. The excitement built as employees competed against each other to evolve their art and gain more connections. Owning the leaderboard meant you had a bucket of new connections across Plus Company, a fantastic NFT and understood more about Web 3 than you did before. That’s a win-win-win.

The Results