Crafted By My Heart

Role: Experience Design and Head of Creative Technology
Contribution: Concept, Digital Execution

Crafted By My Heart was founded by DDB Hong Kong employees Manolis Perrakis and Andreas Krasser. It is an app that lets people customise jewellery with their heartbeat. It’s a convenient and quick way to find a gift, while still coming from the heart – quite literally. Using the flash and camera of a smartphone, we can detect the user’s heartbeat, which transforms into a unique 3D rendering, and finally becomes a personalised piece of jewellery.

More than a year in the making, the app records a user’s heart beat through registering subtle changes in the coloration of the skin by way of an index finger placed over the phone’s flash and camera. Users can choose one of two unisex design templates, and watch as the ring is shaped by the rhythm of the heart. Each ring is assigned a different algorithm to ensure that no two pieces are alike.

The pioneering initiative marks the first time DDB Group Hong Kong has designed, produced and launched a product of its own.