Chocolate 3D printing

Medium: 3D printer, Nutella, syringe, air compressor, 3d Printer attachments, WebApp, Processing, Nodejs

I’ve been experimenting with 3D printing for some time now, which got me interested in paste extrusion. Paste extrusion is when instead of extruding melted plastic you extrude a viscous material e.g. clay, chocolate, etc.

Below you can find two examples where I hacked a cartesian and a delta axis 3D printer to extrude Nuttela. I used compressed air to extrude the paste and controlled the flow with an airflow regulator. The audience could use a web app to make a drawing and have the printer “draw” with chocolate on a cookie. The coordinates are sent from the phone to the server, converted into GCode and then uploaded to the 3D printer.